Social Engagement

Remembering our Human Roots

At GK Investment Holding, we define social engagement not only as a social media platform to engage with communities, but also the ability to work constructively within global communities in way that fosters resilient relations and social cohesion.

Social Engagement provides a new vantage point from which to understand other cultures, as well as allowing us to be more inclusive regarding our individual conceptions of cultural identity.

GK Investment Holding Group strives to generate platforms that can help to reduce the negative impact national, ethnic, religious or social stereotypes have on our perception of different cultural identities. We aim to foster dialogue between groups who have traditionally been in conflict with each other, thus diminishing the risk of alienation, marginalisation or exclusion.

Our Social Engagement platforms allow us to interact with multiple groups and shape opinion, direction and ultimately the outcome of issues that will help truly make a difference to our business development.