GK Investment Holding Group is constantly evolving in order to respond to the demands for more personalised and customisable solutions in the services offered in its business activities.

Our aim has always been to maximise opportunities presented and strengthen services through innovation and transformation.

The GK team’s senior advisors offer personalised solutions and consultations to clients and our aim has always been to increase stakeholder value through innovation, optimisation and value generative transformation.

The decision to create a number of key partnerships stems from a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique strengths of each partner which results in enhanced delivery capability of the group.

GK Investment Holding Group collaborates with internationally renowned firms such as Rothschild & Co and other leading Investment Banks, consultants and advisors. GK Investment Holding Group has formed a number of partnerships with leading domain experts in Banking and Industry. The group has successfully closed advisory transactions in partnership with firms such as Rothschild & Co etc. and works closely with firms such as McKinsey, Studio VEF (Vittorio Emanuele Falsitta) – the leading Italian tax and law firm and others.