Chairman Statement

As long as we are tenacious in the pursuit of our destiny, we will continue to advance

As Chairman and Founder of GK Investment Holding Group I have always firmly believed that the business world has a duty to help strengthen national institutions through strategic investments in sectors that provide support and services to the population. In particular, the Healthcare sector.

Indeed, I have made it my mission to address any shortcomings that I see in current thinking when approaching all of our Holding’s projects, be they in Europe, Africa or the MENA region.

A global entrepreneur’s worldview can often provide a different perspective, which can in turn permit a point of comparison, a paradigm, if you prefer, against which to measure progress. I am of the firm belief that this allows us to recognise both the strengths and the flaws in any given society, from the grass roots up to the higher governmental institutions.

1 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi and CBS News Anchor Dan Rather
2 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi
3 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi and Mr. Charlie Rose the American PBS television show host

GK Investment Holding Group works tirelessly for the benefit of the nations in which we have a presence; often behind the scenes, whether it be it in the form of healthcare investments, diplomacy, education, the promotion of business interests, or sustainable development. We even find ourselves involved in promoting other fundamental ballasts, such as the promotion of diversity, peace and dialogue, access to universal healthcare and as ‘global’ compatriots working relentlessly and from a genuine will to make all nations a better place for future generations.