Global Investment

Creating Global Assets

GK Investment Holding Group works closely with its strategic partners and select clients on value generative growth opportunities. In this respect, the Group’s current focus in the Healthcare and Infrastructure space. The focus is on select opportunities in continental Europe, Middle East (Primarily in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia ) and North Africa.

In the Healthcare sector, the Group is closely aligned with Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (‘GSD’), Italy’s largest private healthcare group. International expansion in the healthcare sector is planned through GKSD Investment Holding SA (‘GKSD’), a company owned by sponsors of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato and by GK Investment Holding Group SA.

In terms of healthcare investments, GK Investment Holding Group recognises that healthcare is one of the key strategic sectors for the wellbeing of individuals and societies and that sustainable healthcare provision for every citizen is vital.

GKSD can play a key role in improving access to healthcare services by enhancing in-country hospital management through training and rotation programmes in conjunction with the GSD infrastructures in Italy; as well as extending its state of the art medical services. Furthermore, GSD has significant experience in the handling of the complexities faced by large healthcare providers and can offer critical support in education, research, and diagnostics across all spectrums of care.

The Group is also focused on pharmaceutical sales and medical equipment and our infrastructure activities are currently focused on healthcare.