Engineering & Construction

Customised Client Solutions

The Engineering & Construction arm of GK Investment Holding Group is a provider of integrated architectural and engineering solutions from concept to completion. By adopting a collaborative and open approach, we allow clients to participate in project committees and vendor selection thus ensuring maximum cost transparency.

The team is currently involved in the construction of the new IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute for the San Donato Hospital Group Italy. The Group is also in advanced talks with the Egyptian Government for the construction of the Suez Medical Complex located in a new greenfield dedicated land area in the Suez Governorate, Egypt.

In order to ensure maximum cost transparency and alignment of interest with clients, the GK Engineering and Construction team adopts an open book cost plus fees approach towards charges. To further enhance our collaborative and transparent approach, clients are also invited to participate in project committees and vendor selection, if they so wish.

IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute Italy

The project will see the construction of a 16-floor multi-specialist research hospital covering a total area of 150,000m2. The new state of the art facility is situated in the Arexpo Science Park in Milan and has already been lauded as ‘a great innovative structure dedicated to care and research that will integrate perfectly with the other scientific functions already present.'

GK Investment Holding Group Engineering & Construction have closely followed the GSD remit and studied a modern and efficient architectural solution in terms of energy-saving and environmental sustainability, that will not only minimise waste and consumption but also significantly reduce noise and pollutant emissions.
All construction materials chosen are eco-compatible and pose no health risk and have the capacity to absorb smog through atmospheric purification techniques and self-cleaning.

Suez Medical Complex Egypt

The Suez Hospital and Clinic project concerns itself with four prefabricated hospital blocks spanning an area of about 68.000 m2 and containing five vertical levels that will be interconnected with lifts and stairs facing the internal courtyard to enhance the sense of transparency of the public areas.

The purpose of this flagship project will be to provide a viable hospital model that can be easily recreated in different parts of the country thus optimizing time and efficiency. The compact buildings provide all the main functions of bigger hospitals providing high lever medical assistance across the country.

The design of the project has been executed following the principles of prefabrication, that is, by using a standard module for structures, slabs, walls and rooms all the construction elements can be preassembled off-site and quickly installed.