Advisory services – Creating value

GK Investment Holding Group has actively provided advisory services to sovereign, corporate and public sector clients around the world for over 25 years. Our collaborative industry-focused approach seeks to identify, bring together and guide business leaders towards the most value generative growth strategies that facilitate maximum productivity and long-term sustainability.

GK Advisory group works closely with its clients and supports them to achieve their strategic goals, whether in terms of profitability, efficiency, visibility, market penetration, compliance, or growth. By defining clearly the strategic goals and objectives of the client, our expert advisors support the client to define the best business choices. We guide clients by providing them with a full understanding of the implications of each decision and we offer further assistance through strategy development and implementation.

The group provides financial advice and technical expertise at every stage – from the consideration of strategic options through to transaction execution, whether for an IPO, acquisition or divestment, restructuring or fast track disposal. GK Investment Holding Group actively manages all aspects of a given transaction in order to maximise value generation for clients.

We take pride in the various strategic consultancy projects we have undertaken for African and Middle Eastern Governments, as well as for large multinational corporations and institutions across the world.