GSD Press Conference Announces Change in Governance - Paolo Rotelli hands Presidency to Angelino Alfano and GK Investment Holding Group Chairman & GSD Middle East Chairman Kamel Ghribi is new Vice President

Jul 11, 2019

On the 10th of July 2019 The San Donato Hospital Group (GSD) held a much anticipated press conference in Milan.

The press conference was called by Dr. Paolo Rotelli President of GSD, who announced that he will hand over the role of Group President to former Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, who will take over the helm of the Group and oversee a new transition period that is set to see GSD Healthcare Holding grow exponentially and expand internationally.

The now former President, Paolo Rotelli, who is the eldest heir of the founder Giuseppe Rotelli, will take a step back and take on the role of vice president. Completing this triumvirate is Tunisian-Swiss Chairman of GK Investment Holding Group Kamel Ghribi, who will become joint vice president with Paolo Rotelli. Kamel Ghribi is already Chairman and number one at GSD Healthcare Middle East - the Dubai based arm of the healthcare holding company in the Middle East.

To date, Kamel Ghribi has helped to strengthen the group significantly in the Middle East and Africa and will now concentrate his efforts to help identify global expansion opportunities.


Photos from Left to Right:

1. Paolo Rotelli; Angelino Alfano and Kamel Ghribi

2. Professor Vittorio Emanule Falsitta; Kamel Ghribi and Paolo Rotelli

3. Kamel Ghribi and Angelino Alfano

4. Ernesto Maria Ruffini; Claudio Di Sabato; Patrizia Polliotto; Francesco Galli; Kamel Ghribi; Professor Giovanni Barbara and Angelino Alfano