Mediterranean Forum - Rome the 28th of June 2018

Jul 03, 2018

GK Investment Holding Group was both delighted and honoured to offer support through sponsorship to the Mediterranian Forum that was held in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies in the Aula del Palazzo Gruppi Parlamentari.

A number of important topics were covered over the course of 4 sessions.  In particular how Euro-Mediterranean integration is moving towards turbulent times and how things have changed in the 20 years since the Barcelona Declaration that set the goals of stability, security, peace and prosperity for the whole Euro-Mediterranean space. 

Further attention was given to the idea that the Mediterranean is a “microcosm” of global challenges inasmuch as it is a place where all the dilemmas of the contemporary world concentrate and reach their extremes.

GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi was a guest speaker during the afternoon sessions and shared his thoughts on how the Mediterranean has the potential to become a real engine of growth and innovation.

He discussed how the challenges on Economic Growth should focus on how to boost investments and promote  job creation that will in turn raise living standards. The focus should also be in the search for a new impact investing model for the economic development in the Mediterranean.



1 & 3 With Mr. Valerio DE LUCA - President of Rome Med Forum.

2. With Vice President of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato Dr. Marco Rotelli