GK Investment Holding Sponsors the First Italian - Arab Business Forum

Oct 17, 2017

Kamel Ghribi, in his role as Chairman of GK Investment Holding Group was delighted to sponsor, together with Intesa Sanpaolo, the first Italy-Arab Forum. The prestigious event took place at the Palazzo Turati in Milan on the 12th of October.

Chairman Ghribi, together with Mr. Cesare Trevisan from Intesa Sanpaolo and Ambassador Azouz Ennifar from the Joint Italian Arab Forum, enjoyed an informal chat with the event’s guest of honour Mr. Agelino Alfano, the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Minister Alfano asserted that the fourm was “an important opportunity to reaffirm the strategic importance that Italy attributes to the Arab Countries and to underscore our intention to tighten our economic ties with the Mediterranean region through a long-term partnership”

Kamel Ghribi agreed stating: “we need to create a framework of partnerships with Italian banks, financial intermediaries and businesses prepared to generate funding and invest in projects covering areas such as public and private health care, infrastructure and real estate.”

Chairman Ghribi further commented that GK Investment Holding Group is leading the way concerning Italian-Arab business relations as it is actively evaluating investment opportunities in healthcare and infrastructure projects within the MENA region. He has always felt that Italy is the gateway to the Arab world both by grace of its historical ties and as well as due to the high number of SMEs currently present in the MENA territories.



Photographs from left to right:

1. Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Agelino Alfano; H.E. Saqer Nasser Al Raissi - United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Italy.

2. Senator Nael Raja Al Kambariti President of the Union of Arab Chambers.

3. Mr. Cesare Trevisani Vice Chairman & CEO of Trevi, President of Joint Italian Arab Chamber.

4. With the Iraqi Delegation headed by Mr. Adbel Latif Nayef Abdel Latif, Vice President of the Iraqi State Council.

5. Chairman Kamel Ghribi defining the last details with his team before entering into discussions at the Forum.

6. Discussing some issues with Vice President Adbel Latif Nayef Abdel Latif and some luminaries from the Italian business world.

7. With the former Tunisian Ambassador to the U.S.and former Under-Secretary general to the UN, H.E. Azouz Ennifar and H.E. Saqer Nasser Al Raissi - United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Italy.

8. Engaged in listening to the Forum speakers.

9. Mr. Riccardo Maria Monti President of Italferr, Gruppo Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane