CNN Media Campaign - Philanthropist Kamel Ghribi voices support for African leaders on the 60th Anniversary of African Independence: “Only together can we overcome the challenges ahead”

May 21, 2020

CNN aired a media campaign on TV headed by GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi.

The campaign commemorates the 60th Anniversary of African Independence and the clip was aired on CNN during the month of May.

The short video was commissioned to highlight the power of this great continent and Kamel Ghribi’s desire to “see Africa prosper again” Indeed, he stated that “it is my hope and eternal wish that the next decade will see Africa taking up her rightful position on the world stage and participating as an equal member economically, socially and politically.”

The GK Chairman has always believed in the power of this great continent and believes that continued support then the many African nations that have successfully built up political intuitions and created political cultures will continue to build strong and united nations.