UNESCO Arab International Investor Forum Awards Kamel Ghribi for Services to Arab Business Development

Sep 25, 2019

GK Investment Holding Group Chairman Kamel Ghribi was presented with a prestigious award at the Arab International Investor Forum.

Held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the 17th and 18th of September 2019, the award was presented in recognition of Kamel Ghribi’s tireless work in promoting sustainable investment and innovative investment projects that contribute to the advancement not only across Arab nations but society as a whole.

In particular, his outstanding in the field of healthcare projects that promote and raise the profile of Arab institutions not only within the region but gain recognition globally. 

During his acceptance speech, Kamel Ghribi presented his vision for the future in which investments are made not for simple profit but to bring added value and tangible benefit to all parties - both investors and those receiving investments.

The speech also asserted the urgent need for unity across arab nations so that value generative initiatives gained from stratgic investments can be used to transfer of skills, knowledge and technology and shared among all.