Tunisia 2020 International Forum - 29th and 30th of November

Nov 29, 2016

GK Investment Holding Group was proud to attend the Tunisia 2020 Forum on the 29th and 30th of November. Chairman Kamel Ghribi sent a special delegation, headed by Vice Chairman of the Board Mr. Giorgio Giudici (Mayor of Lugano from 1982 to 2013), who was accompanied to Tunis for this important international event by CFO Stefano Dedola and Project Manager Francesco Sorrentino.

During the Forum, a new Development Plan was presented which aims to revive the domestic economy by strengthening the private sector and fostering investment through regional development and tax incentives.
The GK delegation saw the Forum as an ideal occasion to explore investment opportunities, both in Tunisia itself, as well using the country as a platform to expand within the broader African and Middle Eastern regions.

As a proud Tunisian citizen, Chairman Kamel Ghribi was glad to see progress being made and what can be accomplished in the future. The Chairman stated: "With the right structural reforms and private sector support there is phenomenal potential for Tunisia to expand and become a real hub for European and international investment."