GK Investment Holding Group is constantly evolving in order to respond to the demands for more personalised and customisable solutions in the services offered in its business activities.

Our aim has always been to maximise opportunities presented and optimise services through innovation and transformation.

The decision to create a number of key partnerships was taken by Chairman Kamel Ghribi and stems from a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique strengths found in others. Ever intuitive in business, he clearly understood the enormous benefit and competitive advantage gained from the leverage a strategic partnership can bring in today’s ever mutating world of business.

To date GK Investment Holding Group has partnerships with firms such as Rothschild; McKinsey; Credit Suisse; Studio VEF (Vittorio Emanuele Falsitta) to name but a few.

GK Investment Holding Group together with its partners intends to use its partnerships to break the barriers of expansion while maintaining the integrity of its core business by filling the gaps within the market through expertise and excellence.