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GK Investment Holding Sponsors the first Italian - Arab Forum

GK Investment Holding Group sponsors the first Italian - Arab Forum in Milan.  Chairman Kamel Ghribi explains what role he sees Italy playing in the future economic development of MENA territories.

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Swiss Holding Group to deepen project cooperation with Russia in Tunisia

Chairman Kamel Ghribi told Sputnik that his group is committed to greater cooperation with Russian investors overn a range of projects covering such areas as liquefied gas, industrial and infrastructural projects in Tunisia, and will make it one of his group's top priorities to cultivate realtions between the two nations over the coming years.

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KUNA : Kuwaiti mission sponsors Moscow Winter Ball in raising donations for children with cancer

MOSCOW, 21st of November 2015: For the third consecutive year, Mr. Kamel Ghribi, was proud to lend his support to the Winter Ball Charitable Foundation.


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Swiss-based Holding 'confident about Russian market,' seeks to invest

GK Investment Holding Group, has a traditional focus on Africa and the Middle East, is looking for innovative ways to invest in the Russian market.

Chairman Kamel Ghribi told Sputnik that his Swiss based Holding group has confidence in the Russian economy and future investments.

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Tunisia: Russian investors eye funding aviation, oil and infrastructure projects

Committed to greater cooperation with Russian investors in the field of liquefied gas and in industrial and infrastructure projects in Tunisia, GK Chairman Kamel Ghribi is analysing potential funding sources for aviation, oil and infrastructure projects in a bid to promote mutual collaboration between the two nations. 

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17th Winter Ball Charity Foundation Gala Dinner - Moscow November 2014

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Kamel Ghribi - Ce Tunisien qui réussit de New York à Moscou

Kamel Ghribi, homme d’affaires et philanthrope se déclarant Tunisien fier et passionné, a consacré une grande partie de sa vie à la facilitation d’un dialogue constructif entre les économies occidentales et les pays en voie de développement d’Afrique et du Moyen-Orient.

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Kuwait’s Arabian Horse Festival - A true Sporting Landmark

Kuwaiti Minister of Information, Sheikh Salam Al-Sabah said that Kuwait’s National Arabian Horse Festival was a genuine landmark to promote the beauty and elegance of the Arabian horse, and the historic Arabian breed’s heritage.


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Engagement Ring

Oilmen have feelings too!

Take the industry executive who lobbied the White House last year to lift the ban on U.S. corporations doing business in Libya. When National Security Council officials rejected his plea, he broke down and wept. The Libyans, he sniffled, were a gentle people. They deserved better.

Needless to say, White House officials felt obliged to offer him a tissue!

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WSJ: Sept. 11 helps Libya trying to improve US relations

As Osama bin Laden continues to elude U.S. capture, the nation's ex nemesis Libya's Colonel Mu'ammar Gheddafi has begun an attempt rehabilitation in the form of renewed diplomatic realtions.

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Why Libya wants in

Herman Cohen, President Bush's point man on Africa, has also conducted a series of little-noticed recent visits to Tripoli. Cohen's travel was partly underwritten by an Arab businessman, Kamel Ghribi, who has retained former Bush State Department Middle East policy chief Robert Pelletreau as his Washington lawyer.

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Secret Dialogue between U.S. and Libya

The United States and Libya have secretly entered into a diplomatic dialogue following the handing over of two Libyan citizens involved in the Lockerbie case.

Former Ambassador and former US Undersecretary of State Herman Cohen went to Jamahiria for a "private interview" with Colonel Mu'ammar Gheddafi. The talks mark a possible turning point in the history of difficult relations between the two countries.

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Nigeria: InterPress on US Policy

During these times of renewed diplomatic relations frequent ‘fact-finding’ missions to Nigeria are embarked upon by an array of U.S. representatives from political, cultural and enthnic groups all over the nation.

According to participants, the aim of these missions, are to promote dialogue between Nigerians and their U.S. counterparts as well as relations between the Clinton administration and the Sani Abacha regime.

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The Times' Experts

An article in the international section of today's New York Times runs under the headline, "Unpersuaded by Verdict, Bush Backs Sanctions." It quotes, as an expert on the issue of sanctions against Libya, "Ambassador Robert Pelletreau, a former State Department official for Near Eastern affairs."

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