When you think of refinement, sophistication and effortless chic, then the brand that springs to mind is GHRIBI - a brand that exudes all of these characteristics, while remaining unquestionably simple and unpretentious, much like founder - Kamel Ghribi.

Each item in the portfolio, from jewellery and clothing to home furniture and fine leather products, has been chosen in accordance with its creator’s personal tastes and preferences in life. Our products are elegant, yet still manage to suit the simplest of environments. The uniqueness of the GHRIBI brand mirrors the creator’s vision, while the elegance and grace that run through the products do so naturally and seemingly effortlessly, simply because they reflect the taste, lifestyle and values of Kamel Ghribi himself.

Each GHRIBI creation is an individual masterpiece, elegant in design and specially crafted to the highest of standards – perfect for those who are true to themselves.