International Relations


GK Investment Holding Group’s success has always been rooted on strong and balanced relationships throughout its operations. Founder and Chairman Kamel Ghribi has historically prioritised engagement with leaders as a fundamental pillar for establishing enduring cooperation between his group and the nations with which it is active.

GK Investment Holding Group has always understood that in the absence of high-level support, investments in developing nations are very difficult to foster. In light of this reality, he has always made it a priority to facilitate negotiations between the worlds of business and politics in order to promote and develop a strong foundation for economic cooperation.

Just as constructive dialogue is essential to advance interests in diplomatic relations, so too is it necessary in the realm of business. Constructive dialogue represents a strategic opportunity to approach complex projects and follow them through to successful conclusion. In this way, economic benefits can filter through to all strata of society and political tensions can be alleviated enough to create a favourable investment climate.

Once the dialogue is established and trust built, one can address market and institutional shortcomings. The path can be paved for economic growth and the general wellbeing of the population will be enhanced in the form of improved living conditions.

GK Investment Holding Group is committed to participating in the investment programmes encompassing sanitation, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. For his part, Chairman Kamel Ghribi has always endeavoured to work alongside governments and national institutions, as they have the leverage to drive initiatives and improve the overall quality of the final result.

Philanthropy is also an important part of the Holding’s ethos in as much as it reflects the philosophy of ‘corporate social responsibility’. Given that companies do not operate in isolation from society, a programme of strategic philanthropy and sponsorship has been adopted by GK Investment Holding Group down through the years in the areas of education, healthcare and young leadership.

In order to further extend the programme, GK Investment Holding Group is planning to create a foundation to complement business and investment opportunities in the developing Middle Eastern and African regions.