International Relations


As our world becomes more interconnected, a globally orientated business perspective is crucial to achieving success that can transcend national boundaries. GK Investment Holding Group has always strived to acquire strong and balanced relationships; not only with its local partners in any given area, but also with the entities and institutions responsible for promoting and implementing effective trade and investment policies at the highest levels.

The Group has always made engagement with individual institutions and state entities its priority in order to promote a better understanding of the cultural and historical legacies that influence how business relations are developed within an individual nation.

Just as constructive dialogue is essential to advance interests in diplomatic relations, so too is it necessary in the realm of business. Constructive dialogue represents a strategic opportunity to approach complex projects and follow them through to a successful conclusion.

By accepting and anticipating the challenges and risks of doing business in an ever-changing global marketplace, the Group is flexible in the face of differing business approaches and can adapt to the variations inherent within world markets. A strong foundation is essential for a company if it is to effectively confront the uncertainties and risks of doing business in economically and geographically diverse markets.

GK Investment Holding Group is committed to participating in investment projects in sectors that bring great benefits to the general population such as healthcare, sanitation, education and infrastructure, in an aim to drive initiatives that improve the overall quality of living.

Given that companies do not operate in isolation from society and that principled businesses have a duty and responsibility to support the various communities present within the nations in which they are active; GK Investment Holding Group has been supporting a wide range of philanthropic projects in the form of sponsorship covering the sectors of healthcare, education, music and cultural initiatives.

The Group intends to extend further its philanthropic activities by lending support to young entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Africa by helping them to create and develop investment opportunities.