Chairman Statement

As long as we are tenacious in the pursuit of our destiny, we will continue to advance

I am of the firm opinion that the business world has a duty to offer strength and solidarity alongside institutions, be they economic or political, and offer support to the nations and governments within which they operate.

A global entrepreneur’s worldview can often provide a different perspective, which can in turn permit a point of comparison, a paradigm, if you prefer, against which to measure progress. I am of the firm belief that this allows nations to recognise both the strengths and the flaws in their society, from the grass roots right up to the state machine.

We in the business world work tirelessly for the benefit of the nations in which they have a presence, often behind the scenes, whether it be it in the form of diplomacy, education, the promotion of business interests, or sustainable development. We even find ourselves involved in promoting other fundamental ballasts, such as human rights, the promotion of diversity, peace and dialogue, as ‘global’ compatriots working relentlessly and out of a genuine will to make these nations a better place for future generations.

On a personal level I look to my own field of proficiency – entrepreneurship for guidance on how best to perform over a range of sectors. In order to find success in business it is first necessary to understand the importance of compromise and negotiation.

Indeed, down the years, I have had the privilege of applying the skills gained through business to promote peaceful dialogue and problem solving strategies in arenas other than entrepreneurialism. I have spent my life’s work trying to convey the importance of political compromise in breaching divides and gaining consensual agreement between all parties, as without such consensus it is impossible to attain any long lasting form of economic wellbeing. The struggle we now have to address, and which I will continue to address in the only way I know how – through the consolidation of business relations – is the struggle presented from the challenges born out of economic, social and security incertitude.

This is why I believe that the business world has a moral obligation to make the nations within which they operate economic successes. We cannot allow hope to be lost or to have no clear vision for our children’s future. We cannot allow poverty and ignorance to prevail and compromise the visionary work already achieved thus far. Each and every entrepreneur, be they global or national, has a civic responsibility to educate and mentor our youth and teach them to advance, evolve and be proud of their achievements.

1 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi and CBS News Anchor Dan Rather
2 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi
3 - Chairman Kamel Ghribi and Mr. Charlie Rose the American PBS television show host

We can do this only if we stand together for the common good. We must not allow petty political divisions to get in the way of this important goal and risk losing the common objective that binds us together, not only as entrepreneurs, but also as fellow human beings. The only way forward is through inclusiveness and peaceful political acceptance, and of course, all of this effort will be in vain if there is no economic advancement. Hence our duty to support nations and governments where we have investments.

I can only hope that my vision of a life beyond contention and rancour in the name of political advantage will be shared by the many and that we can stand together as entrepreneurs united on the walk to the path of economic success.