GK Elite Sport

Inspired by the Ghribi family’s passion for sport

Chairman Kamel Ghribi has long held the belief that success in business is born from an ability to perform at the very highest levels. It is this belief, coupled with his passion to make a difference that has resulted in the GK Investment Holding Group’s latest venture – GK Elite Sport.

GK Elite Sport was inspired by the Ghribi family’s passion for sport, and although no strangers to the field of competitive sport sponsorship, GK Elite Sport has chosen to make a difference now by targeting the lesser-known and more highly skilled sports. The principal aim is to raise the visibility of such sports and thus inspire young athletes from around the world to venture into new territory.

Competitive sport has always been considered valuable, not only as an individual pursuit, through which young minds are able to learn sacrifice, discipline and perseverance; but also on a collective level, as an inculcator of compromise and cooperation across cultural, religious and political affiliations. Such a philosophy is in alignment with GK Investment Holding Group’s ambition to transcend tensions created by cultural differences in order to achieve mutual gain.

GK Elite Sport aims to harness the outstanding potential of young athletes and transform it into true sporting success in the international arena. A strong belief in athletic meritocracy underpins our philosophy. In sponsoring young sportspeople from all backgrounds, we can strive to mitigate the barriers faced by less privileged young athletes by offering the support and resources necessary to break into otherwise inaccessible fields.

The only pre-requisite expected from talented young athletes is an unshakable belief in team spirit, great psychological endurance and of course a desire to be the best in their field. In return for this dedication, GK Elite Sport is committed to developing its young athletes and accompanying them on/along their path to success.