Secure Communication

Secure Communication was created to address the growing threat posed by frequent security breaches in our modern world. The increasingly serious consequences caused by such threats include the devastating loss or theft of intellectual property.

In light of the rapidly growing rate of sophisticated communication security (COMSEC) breaches in both the private and public sectors, GK Holding responded by creating GK Communication, a secure communications consultancy aimed at assisting governments and businesses to take adequate preventative measures against cybercrime.

Access to pioneering COMSEC technology and the best industry expertise, allows our Secure Communication division to provide institutions with the tools and information they require to protect themselves from dangerous security breaches and data loss.

The Secure Communication Technology Division consultants have years of experience working with leading COMSEC companies that specialise in cryptographic, emission, physical and transmission security. Our experts are familiar with the myriad solutions available on the market, and can offer an integrated service tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

Through the Secure Communication Technology Division, institutions can benefit from a long-term, continuous service that adapts to their organisational changes. Upon assessing clients’ needs and liaising with appropriate partners to devise a customised solution and implementation plan, we act as a unitary point of contact to ensure clients are kept up to date with the latest technologies.

Clients can rely on us to ensure their data and communications are optimally protected without the burden of expending time and resources coordinating between different providers.