GK Investment Holding Group operates across many countries in a number of agricultural sectors, in particular the cotton, grain and oilseed industries.

The Group has a strong presence in many sub-Saharan and North African nations and achieves a high rate of success by working over the entire agricultural chain from supply to procurement.

By working alongside farmers, producers, manufacturers and retailers all the way up to government and corporate institutions, the Group can guarantee productivity and investment dividends.

In bringing all aspects of the supply chain closer together, we are able to source, store, trade, refine, ship and distribute a given commodity, thus boosting productivity and deliver value to clients in the process.

Input starts with the producers themselves, who are offered expert risk management advice acquired through Chairman Kamel Ghribi’s decades of experience in the cotton & yarn, grain, oilseeds and petrochemical sector.

Furthermore, the sponsorship programmes that were implemented in the past by GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi, together with a number of U.S. senators over the past 25 years have helped a myriad of independent African farmers and producers to make considerable advances towards efficient production systems and innovative processing solutions that create self-propagating profits and sustainable growth.

Our biggest projects have included projects in East Africa and which set up a peanut oil refinery to produce and export high quality cooking oil as well as a mango and pineapple juice plants all over sub-Saharan Africa.