Your Gateway To Africa and the Middle East

Developing new business opportunities, our investments are heavily biased in favour of Africa and the Middle East. We believe in the extraordinary potential of these countries and in preserving heritage and tradition when walking into the future.


Although we specialise in developing new global business opportunities, our investments have historically been heavily biased in favour of Africa and the Middle East because we strongly believe in the extraordinary potential of these countries.


Over the past twenty years, we have advised worldwide on projects covering a vast range of sectors from government communication, security, food, agriculture and pharmaceutics to real estate, social enterprise and economic infrastructures.


Since the 1990s, we have managed large quantities of commodities developing exclusive portfolios with some of the biggest international oil companies: AGIP, Elf, Amoco, Exxon, Phibro, Mitsubishi and Marubeni, to mention but a few.


GKonnect offers institutions the technical know-how and tools necessary to protect against dangerous security breaches and data loss. Effective strategies against cybercrime need long-term continuous service from the best partners.

Real Estate

Covering the entire spectrum of residential and commercial projects for both private and government institutions, our Real Estate portfolio includes everything from hotels, shopping malls and private resorts to exclusive penthouse apartments in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.


Each item in the GHRIBI lifestyle collection, from jewellery and clothing to home furniture and fine leather products, has been personally chosen and approved by creator Kamel Ghribi, in accordance with his personal tastes and preferences in life.


Inspired by the Ghribi family’s passion for sport, GK Elite Sport does not simply aim to create a supportive environment in which to cultivate future champions, but has also proven to be an ideal occasion to foster relationships regardless of cultural, religious or political affiliation.

International Cooperation

The Ghribi Foundation aims to promote and consolidate dialogue and understanding between the developed and developing world. The Foundation is particularly committed to ensuring that the benefits of economic growth can be made more readily accessible to all citizens, especially those who have been conventionally overlooked.

Global Communication

Together We Have Written Our History

My story begins in 1973 with a simple boyhood promise to myself to do my utmost to help those around me.
As a child growing up in the bustling environment of a Tunisian port town, this promise was not about any particular desire to break into the financial world, yet I quickly realised that economic prosperity provided me with the best opportunity to alleviate some of the material difficulties those closest to me were encountering on their trip through this life.